Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Be Touched By An Angel....

                  Angels all around us
Hi everyone!

I just finished making this angel doll for a special order and wanted to share her picture with all my blogger friends.  May we all be touched gently by our own guardian angels.


Oh, don't forget - my drawing for the give away will be 6 Sept.  Just leave a comment below.  Thanks to all who have posted my give away on their blogs.  I won't forget to enter your names twice for the drawing!  Good luck to all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My First-Ever Give Away

I'm excited about doing my "first-ever give away."  So in keeping with the coming fall season, I decided to do a Pumpkin Girl.  Her head and arms are made of osnaburg fabric and painted with acrylic paint.  The body and legs are muslin and black cotton fabric. I love her dress with the printed little pumpkins.  She's not too scary, just sweet enough to add to the spirit of Halloween and on to the Fall decor. 

To win all you have to do is be my follower (you don't need to have a blog) and just leave me a comment that you want to be entered in the give away.  I'll also add your name twice if you add my give away to your blog.

Drawing for the winner of the Pumpkin Girl will be Labor Day - September 6th.

Until later.......All is Bright!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Finished Danielle today for a special order.  She is going to be a birthday gift for a little girl who collects dolls.  She happened to view my Etsy shop and asked her grandmother if she could have one of the dollies for her birthday.  I was told that she loves blue and wanted one with pigtails and brown eyes.  Here she is ready for delivery - Happy Birthday Danielle!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog Party

If you look at the sidebar you will see a button that says "Where Country Folk Create" Blog Party.  That's where you will find some very creative crafters showing you their craft spaces.  Let me see - Country Folk - not sure if that fits me 100%.  I do like primitive, but I also like the not too primitive.  I guess I'm an in-between.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyhow, I'd like to share with all my blogger friends and anyone who may stop by, what my creative space looks like.

This area is where I cut my fabric and press.  My dear husband made the top for the cabinet and I have to tell you that most of my furniture didn't cost me a thing.  My husband was able to pick up the cabinets and shelves at different locations where they do renovations and throw out the pieces.  He's always on the look out for pieces that I might be able to use.

As you can see - I love fabric!  That is just part of it - I have a nice little stash in the closet!

My husband built me the book shelf - which I use for a catch all!  I have a wonderful husband!

This is what I'm working on. Those are stitched ornaments for my craft show in the fall.  My goal is to make 12 per week in the month of Aug and so far I'm keeping that goal.

Well there you have it, my little get away where I turn on my IPod and listen to some of my favorite music and sew, sew away.  Or I take out my tablet and design some stitchery or wool projects.

Oh, and one last thing.  I'll let you in a little secret - my craft room is not always this neat.  When I start working on two or three projects at a time or if I'm crunching to get things done for the craft show - watch out - my room can look like a whirl wind came by!

I hope you enjoyed viewing my room - until next time - have a great day!  Blessings to all.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Frieda - The Not So Scary Witch

Introducing Frieda - the friendly witch.  I normally do not make things for Halloween, but decided to try my hand on a witch.  Not scary, but cute like Frieda.  Frieda looks like she is ready to go to a Halloween party with her party dress and black boots and not to mention matching pantaloons.  Oh, one more thing she wanted me to tell you all - she won't leave the house without her magical hat and broom!

Check Frieda at my Etsy shop - soon she will be there.  Thanks for stopping by!

Frieda is SOLD - flying off to Minnesota! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aug 1st - 3 1/2 Months Until the Craftshow

Happy August month to all!  Goodness, this summer is flying by so quickly!  I'm already seeing back to school sales and kids and teachers not quite ready for school to start (like my daughter who teaches 1st grade).  But here I am working on what I love best - Christmas crafts.  Getting ready for my Christmas craftshow in the Fall.  I've done some Santas, ornaments and a few stitched pillows. 

These are just a few items I completed this weekend.  The Santa wall hanging and pillow was created using a picture from an old book I have.  I enlarged it and then used red floss for a Redwork stitched pillow.  The wall hanging is the same picture, but I used wool applicate for the hat and beard.  I added a rusty bell to both of the Santas.  They are quick, easy and so much fun to create. 

My Santa is not quite finished yet.  I haven't decided if I want to make him a Christmas stocking to hold or a bag full of goodies.  I have two other santa bodies that need their robes sewn.  I should have them ready to go by this week. 

If anyone is interested in my wall hanging and pillow email me.  I will take special orders.

The wallhanging is $14.95 and pillow is $12.95  

Hope everyone has a wonderful week - and thanks for stopping by!



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