Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Witches to Santa

Took a little time off from Christmas crafting to make these little witches.  I had a custom order for a Halloween doll and I'm giving her an option from orange or black haired witch.  These little witches aren't a bit scary - just sweet and ready for some trick or treating. 

 This Santa is a little different for me.  I normally do the traditional red outfit and thought I'd change it a bit.  I'd say like a little primitive.  His gown is tea stained osnaburg fabric. 
Well, I shall continue the sewing.  Thank you all for stopping by and visiting my blog.
Until next time - have a wonderful week and a safe Labor Day weekend!
sweet hugs,

Monday, August 12, 2013


 A new doll added to my Etsy shop.  Staying busy, but had an urge to make another raggedy doll.  
 Casey comes with her house-trained kitty kat.
Happy Monday!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Believe it or not - I have finally started my crafts for the upcoming show in late November!
Lets start off with some Santas.
 Then we can't forget a snowman.  This little guy is made out of wool and will become a pillow when finished.
 And besides doing the holiday crafting I took some time to make these adorable little hanging pillows.
 The cute kids are my granddaughter and my great nieces and nephew.  I just took some photos from instagram and printed them using photo fabric paper.  Stuffed them with some potpourri and added a ribbon - ready to hang.  Those were fun. 
 Here is my version of a fairy garden.  I read a post from a blogger friend who had started a fairy garden early spring.  When I saw how pretty her garden turned out I wanted one.  The only problem  I had was starting too late in the season and I couldn't find any fairies to add to my garden.  If you look close enough there is a gnome peeking out from the left side.  I think it came out alright considering it was my first one.  Have any of you tried putting together a fairy garden?
 What a hot summer Texas is having - can you believe 102-104 temperatures!  With heat like this it's kinda hard thinking about snowmen and santas.  At least I'm trying.  Until next time.  Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!



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