Thursday, September 26, 2013

My very first doll....

This is my very first attempt in sewing raggedy dolls with painted faces.  Wow - I certainly needed a lot of practice!  She is sooo funny looking, but she brings a smile to my heart each time I see her.  Her color is uneven (my attempt in the tea dying department).  I baked her so long that she has dark streaks on the arms and the back of her head.  As for her hairdo, don't know what I was thinking about!

Most of the time she likes hanging out with me in the craft room while I create other dolls.  Of course I always reassure her that she is still the most beautiful one! 
Sometimes she will hang out in the kitchen up on the bread box as the first picture shows or she likes sitting outside by my fairy garden pot.  Love her!
This is one of a few dolls I've managed to finish for my Holiday show.  I loved this fabric (which was purchased last year) and couldn't wait to make a dress for a Christmas doll - only took me year!

This Raggedy Annie and Andy stocking is from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. 
Thanks for stopping by.  Getting ready to sew more dolls for the show.  Have a wonderful week and until next time, take care. 



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