Friday, October 25, 2013

Still working on the holiday show

 Hello friends!  It's been a while since I last blogged, but as you can see I've been busy hustling with crafting for the week long show mid November.  Everything from Santas, snowmen, holiday dolls, ornaments, pillows you name it - I've had my hands in it.
The snowman above is the largest snowman I've ever done.  He measures 24 inches and feels like he is almost as wide!  Cyndy from Crafty Stitches made one and I loved it so I asked her where she'd gotten the pattern.  It's from Crooked River Mercantile.  Their snowman was a little more primitive.

I love working with wool so I always have plenty of pillows (small, medium and large) with wool appliqued.  I made 5 of the smaller Santa that is shown.  I normally only do about 5 or so of the same kind. I like mixing it around.

 I always have plenty of ornaments.  I made a dozen of the angels and a few of the fal la la la la.  I also like mixing up the ornaments - I have a tub full already tagged.  I didn't want to pull them out for photos.

More pillows and some stockings.

And last but not least a Merry Christmas wool wall hanging.
Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my work that I've been working on for the show.  I have some wonderful customers who are patiently waiting for the show to be over so that I can start working on their custom dolls.  My Etsy shop is empty too :(
Until next time - have a safe and blessed week!



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