Friday, March 19, 2010

Red Hat Lady Doll

Here goes my second ever posting! My sister-in-law belongs to the Red Hat Ladies Society and asked if I could sew her a doll with (you guessed it) a purple dress and red hat! Well here she is. I did cheat on the hat, which was purchased at Michales, but I think she came out real cute. The pattern was purchased from Julie Marcotte - My Raggedy Dolls.

I took the day off today specifically to work on some dolls that were ordered from my daughter's co-workers. My daughter, Andrea, is a first grade teacher who happened to take my granddaughher's doll to school for a "show and tell". Well before I knew it, she was emailing me with an order for 20 dolls! So off I go with painting shoes and socks! Gotta love it! Happy crafting all......and all is bright!


  1. Oh she is beautiful!!! LOVE her..don't you just love Julie's patterns?!

    XOXO Jess

  2. Thanks Jess. Yes I love her pattern. By the way I have the We R Family pattern also. Can't wait to make one of those. You've done an awesome job on those.

  3. Found your blog just wanted to stop in and say hello....Love the doll she is just too cute...Wishing you a great day

  4. Hi Pat thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog...Happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog!
    Your doll looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing the other 20! wow that's a big order.
    I've another 2 markets this weekend...yikes, 6 dolls need dresses and nickers before they're allowed to go so best get back to it!
    terrific to meet you1




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