Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craftshow Set Up Day

Today was the set up day for the week long Christmas craftshow in downtown San Antonio.  I must apologize for the not so good pictures I took.  You know the feeling when you are almost at your destination and you think you packed everything and all of a sudden you remember something you forgot.  "Darn, I left my camera on the kitchen table".  And hubby says "I asked if you had everything".  So now I only have my phone camera to do what I can.

This is the grand house where the show will take place.  It's as beautiful inside as it is outside.  It was built in 1898 and has the same hard wood floors, stained glass windows,  8 fireplaces and a ghost that lives upstairs.  The house is just so wonderful to see.

My display is in the center of the room and you can view it from both sides.  It so upsets me to show these blurry pictures, but I think you can get the idea how I'm set up.  It's the best I could do.

The pictures below are from my sister-in-law, Bel's booth.  She does some beautiful work with wool.  These pictures do not do justice to her work.  Did I mention that I am her mentor!  Lol.  Bel just started the craft business and this is her second year.  I love her stuff!  There were several things I wanted from her booth to purchase, but her hubby (my brother) said, "no - Bel can make that for you for free!"  He is a silly, but adorable brother!.

That's it for now.  I'm glad this show is on the way and hope that by next Sat when we take it all down I won't have too many things coming back.  Now it's time to work on some dolls for my Etsy shop.  Have a wonderful week!



  1. Hi Pat,
    Your displays look beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful time :0)
    Hugs, Julie-Anne

  2. OHHHHH I surely hope you have time for some dolls!!!! I think I need a few..... Let me know if you are able to get some done - I'm so sorry to have delayed... I KNEW I should have snatched them a while ago... :( Please let me know! Thanks so much and BEST OF LUCK!! Although, I'm sure you don't need any - you will be sold out! SUCH TALENT you have!!! Your displays are so INVITING!!!!! Have a great week!!!!

    ladybugz4bry at yahoo dot com



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