Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finishing some dolls

 I think I'm finally finished with the doll orders for the year.  Here it is - just about two weeks before Christmas and folks I haven't even started my Christmas shopping let alone finished with decorating the house!
The doll with her teddy bear has just arrived in California and it's a doll for this wonderful customer's 7 mo old granddaughter.  It will be her first dolly!
 These two girls are also going to California.  I have this great customer that I've lost count on how many dolls she has of mine.  She wanted one for her granddaughter.  The one with the gold bows is for the granddaughter and the red bows is for her.  Her granddaughter loves having tea parties so these two will be attending for sure.

Speaking of customers - I have been so fortunate to have made contact with so many wonderful and appreciative people.  Thank you all for loving my dolls.
I hope to soon start decorating the house and post some pictures.  Until then - have a wonderful week!


  1. Beautiful dolls. I have just a couple more to finish up and then take a break for a week or so. Happy holidays.

  2. They are all just precious, Pat. My sweet dolls that you made are part of my holiday decor. I put little Christmas things for them to hold. I'll take pics soon! Holiday hugs!

  3. She's so beautiful doll. I love your creations.see you soon. big hugs.

  4. Hi Pat, Time flies when we are doing what we love, doesn't it? Your days are precious and make so many people happy. Time to start shopping! Love and hugs, Vicki

  5. sono molto belle queste bambole, brava se ti va passa da me



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