Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello Dolly....

Here are a couple of dolls that were finished this past Sunday and Monday.  I added them to my Etsy shop before posting on my blog.  Lilly, the one with the teddy bear, is sold and is on her way to the United Kingdom where she will make her home.
My little red hair is still available.  She is only nine inches tall and is a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farms.
I'm thinking of sewing some traditional raggedy dolls.  You know the ones with buttons for eyes.  Maybe do a complete round head.  Still thinking - what do you all think?

Sweet hugs,



  1. Both the red haired ones are sold now. I just bought Rosie. Finally one for me.

  2. Oh, I see that Debby got Rosie! How wonderful! Your dolls are the sweetest. I just had someone email me and ask about 'my dolls'. I gave them the link to your blog and told them to hurry over. I think you still have one doll left! Sweet hugs!

  3. So sweet they make me smile!!!



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