Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally a finished doll... meet Marlee

Here she is - Marlee and her raggedy annie doll.  She was supposed to be finished way before the 4th of July, but things just got in the way.  Like a master bedroom makeover, new floors in the bedroom and the walk-in closet.  So when one paints and adds new flooring in a closet guess what else happens?  Sorting out old clothes (plus those small sizes you once bought and just knew you could fit in after shedding a few pounds!) and shredding old papers that are not needed anymore.  I swear - cleaning the closet out was at least 5 days of work!  Glad that's all over with!
Now I can seriously start some Christmas crafting - like the saying goes "Christmas in July!"
I better hurry, July is just about coming to an end soon - where does the time fly when your having fun!
Have a wonderful weekend - until next time!
Sweet hugs,


  1. Aww.. Marlee is a sweet doll!!!
    and wow you have been busy...I love remodels I bet it looks wonderful, fresh and new..

    1. Your right Marissa - after all that hard work it is well worth it!

  2. ANother cutie pie. I bet you feel like you a lot done with your closet. I hate how I make a mess out of cleaning up one. Happy Summer.

  3. Marlee is just beautiful!

  4. Adorable!

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    Hugs, Cathy



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