Monday, May 5, 2014

Lulu, Tutti Fruitti and Ladybug

Title doesn't make much sense does it.  

Well what it means is - new doll named Lulu, wearing Tutti Fruitti (like in the Oscars - what you're wearing?) and a ladybug pillow.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day weekend. 
Many blessings to you.
sweet hugs,



  1. Me encantan tus muñecas, son una maravilla.

  2. She sure is cute! I love her little red shoes, too. Wish someone would give me some money for Mother's day! lol I'm like a little kid....I'd buy dolls! haha! Enjoy your week my friend. I'm going to show some little bears on my blog Wednesday but your dolls with be on the shelf with them! They are so photogenic! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. She looks like she has some sass. Adorable. Like her shoes too.

  4. I saw your gorgeous dolls over at Lavender Dreams and Diane sent me over here. They are the cutest things ever!



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