Sunday, September 21, 2014

Snow people.....

I'll be adding some snow people to my show this year.  You can barely see the dress on the snow girl, but it's cute.  It has snowmen all over it.  Couldn't resist the boots with the fur.  These are pretty good size dolls measuring at about 16 inches.

A little hand stitching for the ornaments will continue to be in my inventory.
I'll make this short cause the "Boys" are on.  Game time.
Have a wonderful Sunday and blessings to all.



  1. I knew these were yours before I even read the title. I have seen rag dolls at the Country Living Fair and at the Back Woods Fest. I think maybe they were from the same person. As much as I was tempted to buy one.......I knew I liked yours more.

  2. They are so precious! I have my pumpkin girl here in the lanai to keep me company now! The Cowboy game must have been great! We didn't get it here....they played another game on our channel! GRRRRrrrrr! Made me SO mad! lol But we looked on the computer for the final score. Hugs!



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