Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Hi All!

Well, I finally finished all the dolls for my daughter's school and I'm now set up on Etsy. For the moment I only have two dolls showing. I'm still working on a Red Hat Doll for this real nice lady who lives in Canada. Gotta finish that one by this weekend!

For those of you who sell their crafts on Etsy - whew! What a job to get it going! It took me almost 4 hours last night just to put together a banner and then almost all morning long to list the two dolls.

I'm not real happy with the banner, so I'll have to revamp that soon. One of the dolls I have listed, Molly, has already been posted here on my blog, but I wanted to show you my other doll that's listed - my little angel. Her name is Angelic and she has these big blue eyes. I definitely think she looks like an angel.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - until then happy sewing and remember - All is Bright!



  1. WERY, WERY GOOD!!!Angelic!!!

  2. She so cute she looks like spun sugar...yummy! :)

  3. Parabéns!!! são lindas suas bonecas!!! da pra ver o seu amor e capricho em cada uma delas!!! um grande abraço!!!



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