Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cadie and Her Monsters

Soon my adorable granddaughter, Cadie, will be turning the BIG 4! Her party next weekend will be at Kiddie Park and the theme is "Monsters"! Very different from her 3 year old party which was Hello Kitty. Today I finished 12 monsters for her tiny guests and their goodie bags. I really had fun sewing these little creatures (even though I'm suppose to be working on my Christmas show in about 4 weeks). But really, what are Grammy's for! I just wanted to share these pictures with you. How blessed we are to have our granddaughter in our lives. All is Bright!


  1. Super so tele pošasti. Babica pa najboljša!

  2. These are so CUTE! I REALLY love them and would have fun trying to make some! I made one awhile back but yours are so much more scary..I mean adorable! What a sweetheart you have to sew for! ♥



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