Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas Pillow

I'm getting ready for my craft show next month with tagging all of the finished products that I've done so far (with lots of work still to be done). When it came to tagging this pillow (which is one of my favorites) I decided to take a picture and post it for all to see. She is such a lovely angel. I love angel pillows. This pattern came from a book I purchased a long, long time ago. How long - whoa, can't remember that far! Anyway, it's a Leisure Arts book called Heartfelt Christmas. I've used so many patterns from this book for my pillows and wallhangings. Glad I bought it!

Well got to get back to work since today is my last day of leave before I go back to work tomorrow.

Have a great day - happy crafting to all! And may "All Is Bright" with you. xoxox


  1. Just found your blog and signed up to follow. Love your pillow!! Best Wishes on your upcoming show. I just did my big Fall show this past weekend and am now getting ready for a Christmas show that is in 4 weeks.



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