Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shopping at My Favorite Quilt Shop

 Saturday morning was finally the day to go shopping at one of my favorite quilt shops.  Located downtown San Antonio in a charming cottage built from a Sears kit - circa 1910.  The co-owner, Fran, has been a family friend for over 40 years and she has the best wools you can find in the local area.  So if you are ever in San Antonio Texas you must stop by and check out her shop - Las Colchas.  Many beautiful fabrics, wool (can't stop talking about her wool), kits and they have classes.

 Look what I did for myself.  A wool pin cushion.  I had bought this pattern last year from Primitive Gatherings and Fran has these kits for the pin cushions for just $5.00 each.  The pattern has four you can do - a sheep, gathering basket, saltbox house and crow & star.  I finished this little project under an hour!  Love it. 

I started working on a Annie and Andy doll and hope to have them finished this week.  Also spent some time with Mom and Dad this afternoon.  She was in good spirits - which always brings a smile to my heart.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all the great news - I am finally ready to retire from my government job.  Yea - after 36 years it's time to  say good by to some of the best people I've work with, including those wonderful service men and women.  My last day will be Jun 1st.  Kinda sad to leave them, but excited for my next journey - helping dad with mom, sewing during the day and not at night or weekends and hopefully some traveling - and the best part - not having to get up at 5 a.m.!  Oh, and since hubby is not retiring for another 2-3 years - gotta take care of him too! lol

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Your "wool" shop sounds wonderful, love that little pincushion. And congrats on retiring, I would love to not work, still have several years to go! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Hola, con las maravillosas cosas que haces teniendo poco tiempo cuando estés ya en casa todo el día tu blog será aún más maravilloso si cabe. Espero que cuando llegue Junio disfrutes mucho más de tus aficiones y de tu familia.
    Un saludo desde España.

  3. Love the cushion. I love primitive sheep.
    So happy for you. You deserve to retire. All those years and that early to rise. So happy for you.
    Glad things are going kinda okay with your parents.
    You will have to read my post about Allie and the Beauty and the Beast.(posted today)



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