Monday, February 7, 2011


Sydney - a girl after my heart.

Does the dress look familiar to you? Yes, I've used this fabric before. I normally never use the same fabric on my dolls, but this is a special custom order for a friend from my high school days. Yep, many years ago and we won't be doing the math on that! LOL. Anyway, my friend saw the Valentine girl that was my give away and requested the same fabric for her granddaughter's doll. Sydney will be getting her doll on Valentine's Day.

I love doing custom orders. Her granddaughter has brown curly hair and big brown eyes. Hope she loves her personalized dolly.

I'm staying pretty busy - right now I'm finishing up a doll for my brand new great niece, which will be posted soon. Plus, I want to start working on some wool projects. I just received some new patterns and I'm itching to start working on those. Can't wait until I retire from my full time job, hummm - hopefully in about 2 years cause I'd rather be crafting!

Well, it's getting late and I have another full day tomorrow. Take care all and.......

Let your heart be glad!



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