Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wooly, Wooly

Let me just say - it has been a long week! So busy with work and then some family members getting sick - to include my big baby - hubby! He unfortunately got sick with the flu and as most of you all can just imagine they all of a sudden become a little helpless. So with said I have not yet finished my niece's doll or started on some new wool patterns that I had just purchased. Speaking of purchases - I just ordered that cute new bunny pattern from Maureen, Sweet Meadows Farms and can't wait to try my hand on her bunny. I am planning on making one for my granddaughter for Easter. Sooo cute!

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you all some wool projects that I've made in the past for my own home. The first one is one of my favorites - three sun flowers. I love those colors and fits perfectly in my breakfast area. The other one sits in the living room on an end table. Goes well with my furniture there. I love working with wool. It's so simple to handle and these projects can go anywhere with you or while you sit and watch TV with your loved one. Besides, sometimes we need to just get away from that craft room!
Oh oh, hear someone calling my name! Guess I'll go and see what he needs now. As the saying goes - gotta love them!! Have a great weekend - until later - may all be bright with you.
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  1. Really cute wool projects you created Pat! I love working w/wool too and I love that it is so transportable, a lot like cross stitch.




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