Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purple Simplicity

As I was sewing this doll and her purple flower I thought of the song Purple Rain. Kept humming that tune - then as I started to dress her my thoughts changed to Donny Osmond and his purple socks! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Purple Rain by Prince and Donny's purple socks. If you don't, then I know I'm getting old!

So from the song to socks and after finishing her up the first thing to come to mind was simplicity - how sweet and simple my little doll looks to me. I couldn't think of a name for her, but I'm sure when she gets adopted someone will give her a fitting name. How simple is that...


  1. Yes, I remember those two, esp. Donny/Marie! Does that date us?? LOL

    She's 'simply' adorable!!


  2. She is precious...kind of lavender, don't you think? I love her! ♥

  3. Tus muñecas son espectaculares!! me encantan! Felicidades.

  4. She's so cute Pat!
    I just saw your bunny in the last post. I'm finishing three from the same pattern. Your bunny is awesome!! I love the shoes!

  5. Very very cute....and sssssh....that used to be one of my favorite songs...I even liked the movie! Wonder if Donny wore those purple socks on Dancing with the Stars? Hahahaa!

  6. purple !!!purple!!! She's so cute, so nice, so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your dolls!

  7. Thank you ladies for the special comments. I'm glad there were some of you out there that remembered that song and the cutie Donny! Oh and Kat, yes Donny did wear purple socks one night on Dancing with the Stars!! Too funny. Thanks guys and hugs from me to you!

  8. Amazing, incredibly beautiful purple doll, I like it! Magical work! I'll be your follower!
    Welcome to my blog:

  9. Hi, Pat -

    I remember watching Donny and Marie. I guess I'm getting old, too. :)

    Love your sweet raggedy. She is absolutely adorable.

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow party. I fixed the link in the party so it goes directly to this post.


  10. How cute! my daughter's name is in english simplicity

  11. What do you use for painting her shoes? acrylic or something else? Is it possible to use shoe polish for paiting the shoes?



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