Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Have a Winner!

First of all, I want to thank all of you for entering the "help me pick a name" contest. There were so many wonderful names that my husband, who I asked to choose one, was having a hard time selecting the winner. In fact, some of your names gave me some great ideas for future dolls! Thanks ladies. OK, enough talk, the name he picked is....


Yes, that was entered by Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies. Wendy said she came up with the name because my doll looked like someones little sister. So Wendy, email me at with your home address so that I can send you this little blond, blue eyed Angel (pictured above) to you.

Now that she has a name, Sissy is available in my Etsy shop. Once again, thanks to all that entered! Oh, and I just finished this doll that I guarantee will bring some sunshine into your home - come back soon and check her out. Until then....

Hugs to all!


  1. Hi Pat! Thanks so much! I'm thrilled to have picked such a sweet name for your doll and am happy to have won your prize. I'll email you right away with my address.

    Thank you again :D

  2. Congrats to Wendy! And what a sweet angel she's getting. :)


  3. Congrats Wendy! Thank you Pat for hosting another awesome giveaway! Your Angel is so Heavenly.......Have a great1 Mary

  4. this little angel is so beautiful
    Ilove it



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