Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something You Might Not Know About Me

Most of my blogger friends know that I love, love creating dolls. And some of you also know that I've raved about working with wool projects. But most of you might not know that before I started making dolls and wool projects I also dabbled in quilting. Yes, that's right. I've made a full size bed quilt for my daughter, a lap quilt for those cool nights and two toddler quilts for my granddaughter. I have a full size bed quilt for my sister-in-law that just needs quilting and it soon will be done. Quilting is fun, but it can take a lot of time, especially if you're working full time.

So, now that you know something new about me, I want to share some of my quilting projects that I've made in the past and use around the house. The fall leaves was one of my first and favorite wall hangings. Each leaf was paper pieced. I took a class for this one.

This welcome wall hanging was fun and easy to do. It hangs in the entry way. Pattern is by Pat Sloan.

The quilt above hangs in a hallway. I love the message "Enjoy the Simple Life". Can you tell I love colors?

The field of flowers is done using colorful felt on a wool background. I saw this in a magazine where they used it as a headboard. Loved it and made a smaller version for my wall. The one with the two cats was from a quilt book. Done so long ago that I don't think I have that book anymore. Each piece was appliqued with a web fusible; therefore easy to do.

I love quilting, but my dolls bring me so much joy. Besides they don't take as long to finish. Instant gratification - yep that's the difference! Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my work. Please check back soon - I'll have an angel doll with a message for you coming up soon.



  1. Very nice Pat. I've always wanted to make a quilt. One of these days....:0)

  2. Hi Pat, thank you for your visit! I love your header picture... you're very talented! And I also love the welcome quilt... I have the same pattern but I've never made it... you've inspired me!
    Blessings, Kimberly



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