Friday, August 10, 2012

Cadence - You Pull on My Heartstrings

 When I start working on a doll I usually do not name them until I have drawn and painted their faces.  Then I get a feel for their personalities and pick a name.  Once I got a look at this sweet little face immediately my granddaughter, Cadence, came to my mind.  With her big brown eyes and that sweet little smile - what else could I name her but Cadence, a.k.a Cadie.
Cadie definitely pulls at our heartstrings!  And you might wonder "why don't you keep this doll?"  Because we have been blessed to have the REAL Cadie for many hugs and kisses!

Cadie is in my Etsy shop for your hugs and kisses.

Sold - thank you!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend - I'm working on some snowmen ornaments and soon a Halloween doll.  I'll post them soon.



  1. Hi Pat! The first thing I noticed on your post was the doll's name and thought how unique it was. Then when I read your story I got the reason you picked it. Sweet! She is definitely a lovely girl. Hugs, Vicki

  2. She is "Such a Darling"! You are SO TALENTED! I love every doll you create...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Her eyes are so perfect...they look right at you with a smile! She is beautiful!

  4. Love Cadie! I've said this before Pat, your dolls' eyes are always gorgeous. Do you give lessons? lol ;)



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