Monday, August 27, 2012

New Dolls and A Baby Shower

It was a busy weekend!  My sister, sister-in-laws and I hosted a baby shower this weekend for my niece's first baby coming soon - and it's a girl!  Needless to say there were many pink and ruffles and all the sweet things for a girl.  Geez, it better be a girl! Lol!  It was fun and we had a great time - in fact we played Bunco and what a rowdy time that was - for those who have played Bunco you know what I mean.
I worked on these two dolls in between planning and hosting the shower and finished them last night.   The one with her teddy bear is Ollie.  I'm not sure if Ollie is a girl's name (hope it is), but one look at her and that is what came to me.  She just looked like an Ollie.  She requested burgundy boots to match her dress.  Her teddy bear is made of felt and hand sewn.  I attached a rusty bell on his collar. I think she is a sweet little one and that smile just melts my heart.
 This blonde green-eyed little one is Heather.  Heather also requested boots just like Ollie's.  She comes with her "live simply" pillow.  Both dolls are in my Etsy shop.
Now that I've finished the dolls I have to get back to the Christmas stuff.  For some reason I'm stuck on crafting a lot of snowmen.  I haven't started the Santas yet.  Maybe psychologically it makes me feel cooler working on snowmen!  Since it's still super hot in Texas.   I'm sure looking forward to the cooler weather as I know many of you are too.
 Thanks for stopping by as as always - have a great week and may "All is Bright" come your way!


  1. They are both so adorable. You don't usually put a little smiley mouth on your dolls...I like the happy face! And the sweet extras you make are very special! Enjoy your week!

  2. your dolls are so cute, thanks for posting them...God bless.

  3. Children often want ragdolls because they’re so nice to cuddle with their soft bodies. That’s exactly what your ragdolls look like – cuddly! You definitely know how to make them, I can say that much. I have to ask, though. Are the outfits of your ragdolls stitched onto them, or can those be removed and replaced?

    @Chris Jeffery



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