Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rosie - Let Your Heart Be Glad

Little Rosie - with her nutmeg brown hair and blue eyes.  What a joy to make you.  My little girl is ready for a home and is waiting in my Etsy shop - unless I decide to get her myself!  I really love her.
Oh well, maybe next time.  Meanwhile, the little blonde, blue eye girl is a custom order.  I thought you might want to see her.  It's for a customer who is super excited for the arrival of her granddaughter.  She wanted to get her the first doll.  I hope they love her.
I was going through some blogs and noticed how many give aways there are.  Then started thinking that my last one was exactly a year ago.  Humm, sounds like maybe I should get working on one for this year. 
So with that said you all will need to come back and see what I can come up with - something special for all my bloggers and maybe some new ones.
Take care and blessings to all!



  1. Yes, my guess was the pink one, for the custom order. She is beautiful, as is Rosie! Your dolls just do make everything a little brighter. Hope all is well in your world. Take care, Vicki

  2. Hi Pat,
    I just received my hearts, and one of them was yours - such a cute heart! And I see you make adorable dolls too! Thanks!

  3. Little Rosie is so sweet looking you should ve so proud of yourself!!

  4. I love Rosie! She's beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness your dolls are so cute and sweet! I love Rosie, she's adorable!! :) xo Holly

  6. I love little Rosie with that big bow in her hair! What a sweet little face. The blond is very cute, too. You don't make as many blonds, do you? Sweet hugs!

  7. Thank you for the lovely heart! I love your little dolls they are adorable



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